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Treelings are an unspecified breed of prehistoric creature, speculated by readers to be a type of primate, marsupial, or rodent. They are named so for arboreal natures, and are able to fearlessly scale trees and dangle from branches. Since the creatures are hard to catch, and often toss half eaten, sticky fruits at hunters, the Named don't bother much with them.

In Clan Ground, Thakur came close to a treeling and decided to keep her, naming her "Aree" after her distinctive vocalizations. Thakur (who believed Aree to be a male), learned that treelings could became useful partners for the Named. Despite lacking sentience, they are cunning, curious, and quick to learn. Thakur proved the usefulness of the treeling as helpers, as well as loyal companions.

Due to their prehensile hands, treelings are coveted companions among the Named for many reasons. They are capable of managing many things related to fire, such as collecting kindling or stacking wood, as well as carrying torches and transporting other supplies. They can also tie knots and pick parasites from the pelts of the Named, skills which made them quickly appreciated.

Known TreelingsEdit

  • Aree was found by Thakur during the mating season for the Named. Thakur accidently cripples the treeling, and instead of eating it, adopts it and names it due the 'aree' noises it makes. Later, Aree is chased away by Shongshar, later to be found by Ratha. Aree was found to have mated, and gave birth to three babies later named Ratharee, Fessree and Biaree. 
  • Ratharee is the treeling owned by Ratha.
  • Fessree is the treeling own by Fessran.
  • Biraree is the treeling own by Bira who later becomes Thistle-chaser's.
  • Cherfaree is the second treeling own by Bira named after her recent mate Cherfan.