Buzz-fly is clan-speak for dragonfly.

Mud-croaker is clan-speak for frog/toad.

River-crawler is clan-speak for crustacions.

The Named- are a group of prehistoric sentient large cats; they call themselves a clan and are led by the female Ratha. The clan is herds creatures and uses them as livestock, and also has fire, which they call Red Tongue, which they use for heat and protection. They are recognizable by their cleanliness and their eyes, which have a distinct look of knowingness and brightness. They can love and feel for other members of the clan and have morals and their own language. The group has Herders, who keep herd the livestock and protect them, and Firekeepers, who tend to the Red Tongue.

The Un-Named-  are the opposite; non-sentient large cats who live in no distinct group, but band together sometimes for attacks. They are dirty and their eyes are distinct and unaware of what happens. They rely on instinct and have no language. A cat can be born Un-Named, but it is due to related linage with members of the Named. Unlike the Named, they do not herd animals, but hunt and raid instead. The Un-Named closely resembles Sabre Tooth cats.

Red Tongue-  is fire used by The Named.

Seamare-  is the term used for water creatures with protruding teeth, a horse-like head and neck, and a blubbery body. They have webbed feet, and live in a herd.The Seamare are Paleoparadoxia.

Dreambiter- What Thistle-chaser calls her old haunted memories as a cub.