Reshara was the mother of Bonechewer and Thakur. She is only mentioned in the series, but her actions played a large importance.

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Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens


Gender: Female
Pelt Color: unknown
Current: Un-Named or unaffiliated
Past: Named
Current: Loner/Exiled
Past: Herder
Mated with:


Reshara's mate

Bonechewer, Thakur

Book Appearances: mentioned in Ratha's Creature
Status: Deceased

History Edit

Before the events in Ratha's Creature, Reshara met a sentient Un-Named male and despite their differences they mated and she became pregnant of his litter. Such mating was forbidden but the current leader Baire was wise and had pity for her: she was allowed to raise the two born cubs for some time before being exiled.

Baire however imposed Reshara to leave the cubs behind to be raised among the Clan. Reshara disobeyed him and brought with her Bonechewer. Her mate attempted to get in secret the other cub, Thakur, but Meoran (Baire's son) was waiting for him.

Meoran killed the father of the cubs and Thakur remained the Clan while Reshara is not known to have made attempts to recover the other cub.

She lived at least until raising Bonechewer and died before the events of Ratha's Creature.

Revelations Edit

In Ratha's Courage, Thakur revealed that Reshara told him when he was still a cub about the dark past of the way of lives of the Named: when there were many clans and bloody feuds were fought over females.