Ratha's Creature Storybreak p1 of 16-0

Ratha's Creature Storybreak p1 of 16-0

An animated adaptation of Ratha's Creature was produced in 1988 by Australia's Southern Star Entertainment and America's Hanna-Barbera Productions to be aired on CBS Entertainment.

Only a single 30 minutes episode was produced, covering the plot of the first novel.

The whole episode is currently available on Youtube, but can be also found in parts as uploaded by the author Clare Bell.

Differences with the novel:Edit

The episode contains several differences compared to the original novel, primarily a softening of contents due adapt the plot to a younger audience, but also the absence of Bonechewer (replaced by an Un-Named villain), Ratha learning the skill to create fire and eventually defeating Meoran without killing him.

Despite this, the episode provided useful to attract audience to the novel. Clare Bell has also praised in particular the scene involving Ratha discovering and feeding her Creature.

It's also worthy to notice how the beginning of the episode starts telling of the Ratha's story as set "in another world" and in another time, showing planets and the Ratha's world with features different from Earth or Solar System: thus reinforcing the science-fiction setting.

Production Note Edit

Voice Cast Edit

Vicki Davis (as Ratha), Michael Bell (as Thakur), Mona Marshall (as Fessran), Alan Oppenheimer, Peter Renaday (as Meoran), Steven Schatzberg, Marilyn Schreffler, Frank Welker (as Mondir)

Trivia Edit

  • Rathacat, Clare Bell's youtube account, uploaded all 16 parts of the movie. When asked by fans of the series about her reaction to it getting animated, she said "I was so elated that my friends nearly had to peel me off the ceiling."
  • When asked whether she was allowed to give the designs of the characters, Bell said that she sent in some sketches of the three-horns and what the cats looked like. However, she wasn't sure if they used them. She then adds that it wasn't common for authors to be able to put in much input unless they were JK Rowling.
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