Ratha's Challenge
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Second edition cover
Author: Clare Bell
Publish Date: 1994
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Editions: Hardcover, paperback
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Preceding: Ratha and Thistle-chaser
Succeeding: Ratha's Courage
"The clans face off!"

Ratha's Challenge is the fourth book in the Books of the Named series.


As Ratha struggles to reconcile with Thistle-chaser , the daughter she once tried to kill, the Named are locked in another struggle when they confront a strange clan of hunter cats who are driven by and completely dependent on the telepathic song of their leader, True-of-voice. When an accident leaves True-of-voice on the brink of death, Ratha must choose whether to destroy or to save the hunters. It is her daughter who has the knowledge to show Ratha the way. . . if she can listen. Ratha's Challenge features a teaser for Clare Bell 's Ratha's Courage, the first new book about the big cat and her clan in thirteen years.