Old Clans were organized groups of sentient Dinaelurus illumina sapiens whose members were ancestors of the current Named ones. The Old Clans have long been disbanded by the time of the events occurred in the saga.

Structure and OrganizationEdit

Memories of the Old Clans are carried only by few Named ones: among them there is Thakur that in Ratha's Courage tells their history. The Old Clans were independent to each others, often involved in fights and clashes. It appears they were still hunters and female's role was less egalitarian then in the current Clan. The Clans commonly exiled young males: these outcasts rallied together until forming coalitions stronger enough to defeat another Clan and kills or drive away the males. Cubs-killing was a common practice and the conquered females were forced to be mated (often with a coercive tactics known as the "mating circle", forcing the females to accept the mating thanks group actions and olfactory stimulation).

It has been suggested, that apart the violent life-style, the members of the Clans were less intelligent than their successors


It's known at some point that the Clans suffered the arrival and the constant raids by Un-Named ones. Such attacks caused losses and the survived Clans decided to merge together to fight the common enemy and survive. From such unification has been born the current Clan, only group of the People of the Named