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Drani protecting cubs - fanart made by giverofthenewlaw
Species: Dinaelurus illumina sapiens


Gender: Female
Pelt Color: unknown
Current: Named Clan
Past: Named Clan
Current: Herder
Past: (rank-less female under Meoran's strict rules)
Mated with:


Cherfan, unknown Named males

Singra (by unknown male), Bundi and Shongshar (with Cherfan) A litter with "many" cubs (including Ashon) and then at least another one (with unknown Named ones)

Book Appearances: Ratha's Creature, Clan Ground, Ratha's Courage
Status: Alive

Drani is one of the minor characters in the series. 


Description unknown. Ratha describes her scent however as "dry grass, sycamore, horse dung". She has hazel eyes.


Ratha's Creature Edit

Drani is shown in the book as the first female among the Named to have cubs after the Clan is driven away from their original territory. One of the two cubs, Shongshar, was killed during an Un-Named raid while fighting with his father Cherfan, the other cub was Bundi. Her name is however not given and it's revealed only in Clan Ground that she kitted the two cubs. However is previously said that Drani has a daughter, Singra, which has been prevented becoming an herder.

Clan Ground Edit

Drani is shortly seen as one of the females that have given birth to cubs during the season. While the father's name of the cubs is unknown to the reader, it wasn't probably Cherfan because he mated with Fessran during that season. Drani's litter is said to be large and because of this she shortly nurse the Fessran's youngs while the latter was caring for Bira's ones (arousing the temper of Drani at one point, that demanded Fessran to take back her own cubs).

Ratha and Thistle-ChaserEdit

Drani is not seen or mentioned in the book. Probably as the others herders, she was involved in the moving of the herds and the building of the pens for the sea-mares.

Ratha's ChallengeEdit

Drani is not seen or mentioned in the book. Probably she remained among the other Named ones, not being involved in the first contact with the Face-tail Hunter Tribe

Ratha's CourageEdit

Drani is one of the females of the Clan that had a litter after the last season: she's said to have a pair of sons, and tends them with the other females. Drani is said to have been trained as an herder, despite the fact that under the Meoran rule she had not learned skills, she was eager to be useful for the Clan not only as nursing mother. Her mother's instincts however are clearly expresses when she asked for the hunter's Tribe mothers to be allowed warming their cubs in front of the Red Tongue. As the other females she fought against the attack of the renegades of New Singer, but was captured with the others with intent of forcefully breed her during the mating season. The counter-attack of the males of the Clan however will freed the females and re-unite the Clan and Drani was seen carrying her surviving young son (the other one was sadly killed during the enemy attack).