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Cubs are an essential part in the Named. In the named Cubs are born usually on spring and are nursed by a their mother in her own lair for some time. Eventually they are gathered into a common nursery and all the mothers take turns to care and feed the cubs together.

Fathers doesn't share duties in this stage, but usually they're acknowledged to have fathered a litter (even if Ratha admits she doesn't remember who is the father of each newborn cub).

After leaving the nursery, cubs are put under training and mothers share no other parenting duties. The rapid growth and the training, cause a rapid independence but the relationship between parents and children can continue, focusing in mild interest or friendship.

1 year old cubs who received training are usually not mature enough to be involved in the mating season, and they usually take temporarily charge of herding and protection's tasks.

History Edit

Under Meoran's rule, bearing and nursing cubs was the only task the leader allowed to the females. Luckily, with Ratha's rise, such limitation to the mothers was stopped, and even Drani (who was very suited to the role of mother) trained to become an Herder.

Cubs were the primary targets of the bloody raid of New Singer's group against the Clan: one of the two newborn cubs of Drani, one of the two cubs of Bira, and two of the four cubs of Fessran, were killed.

Cubs of mixed parentage Edit

The cubs who are born from mixed parentage (with an Un-named parent), were once believed to lack the ability to speak and showing intelligence.

If they're put in the common nursery (as happened to Bira's first litter) they show a fierce temper and may bully the other cubs.

It is later revealed that such cubs have actually a slower mental development, but eventually they reveal to be sentient being. Like Thistle-chaser